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Smart Wireless Solar

Surveillance Camera

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Dual WiFi Antenna

Solar charging


Camera Alarm

Fast charging Monocrystalline solar panels
Monocrystalline silicon solar modules convert light energy into electricity, with a high conversion rate, and can be charged on winter /rainy days.

Conversion efficiency


Fast charging


Charging time 8 hours

4dBi Metal Dual
WiFi Antenna
The solar camera offers a more stable network connection and wider range, significantly reducing poor connection issues.

The outdoor wifi camera supports a Micro SD Card up to 128G to save the images or videos you record. When the capacity is full, the previous data will be overwritten by new data.

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Large 2-watt speaker Real-time remote connection
Built-in high-sensitivity microphone, large 2-watt speaker, clear sound. built-in audio module for two-way calls
Laser matrices help you see further
The built-in bright light improves the quality of night shots allowing the camera to capture clearer and more distant images at night.
IP65 Waterproof
This outdoor camera wireless housing is made of excellent waterproof material, you don't need to worry about rain and snow affecting the battery life.
Smart PIR motion sensor & Instant alert
The camera will automatically record a 5-10 second video of the alert and immediately push the alert message to your phone
Protect your home
through multiple scenarios

BUY NOW & GET 40% off

14 Day Money Back Guarantee
Product information

Name: Solar outdoor monitoring camera
Lens angle: F=1.8, horizontal field of view: 120
Video encoding: 2.654,2.655
Rotation angle: horizontally 355°, vertically 90°

lP66 waterproof rating

4G network connection

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+ 128G Memory Card
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+ 64G Memory Card
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1 Set
+ 32G Memory Card
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